User interface and user experience design. 

User experience design nowadays is mostly human-centred digital spaces navigation, but it's stemming from human-centred design in general. It used to be ergonomics and psychology of colours, shapes and composition perception, — the basis of any purposeful design approach no matter the medium. The examples below display the most common for the modern market notion, — digital interface and structuring of the information behind it. But what is not in this gallery are numerous cases of making things more convenient for people, meeting their needs and improving their experience, whether it's a PDF form or a web-based app interface.

If you see certification as a considerable attribute here are some relevant ones:

  • Login screen for an in-house application.

    Login screen for an in-house application.

    Background design, interface elements.

  • Experimental redesign

    Experimental redesign

    Suggested redesign of http://verbs.woxikon.com/ with expansion to uncovered mediums (smartwatch screen).
    Branding, colour palette, illustration, structure.

  • Landscaping supplies portal design

    Landscaping supplies portal design

    Branding, navigation, structure, content suggestion. Circa 2015.

  • PowerBI App Interface

    PowerBI App Interface

    Logo design, colour scheme, icons, overall graphics guideline. 

  • Internal platform redesign

    Internal platform redesign

    Logo, colour scheme, icons, overall interface based on a given structure.