Data Visualisation

Most of the work in this direction is either embedded into reports or in numerous presentations for internal use. 
My approach is always aimed at storytelling, errors elimination, optimisation and automation of routine processes.
In addition, advanced cross-software (Graphic + Data analytic) combinations can provide some really great results. 

  • One dataset — multiple outputs

  • Animations with data or animated data

  • Reports


    From cover photo to print-ready files.

  • Layout, charts, Icons

    Layout, charts, Icons

  • Layout, logotypes, iconography

    Layout, logotypes, iconography

  • Typographical infographics

    Typographical infographics

  • Layout, charts

    Layout, charts

  • Layout, maps

    Layout, maps

  • Reports


    A unique combo of preformatted and interlinked Excel+Word+InDesing files provides content control to the financial department and error-proof update of data in the final layout.

  • UI & DataViz for PowerBI

    UI & DataViz for PowerBI