Data Visualisation

  • Reports


    The unique combo of Excel+Word+InDesing files providing content control to the financial department and error-proof updated of data in the final layout.

  • Branding concept, cover design

    Branding concept, cover design

  • Layout, charts

    Layout, charts

  • Layout, maps

    Layout, maps

  • Typographical infographics

    Typographical infographics

  • Layout, charts, Icons

    Layout, charts, Icons

  • Layout, logotypes, iconography

    Layout, logotypes, iconography

  • Reports


    From cover photo to print-ready files.

  • Tables & graphs for a tech poster

    Tables & graphs for a tech poster

    Rebuilt and recoloured in Excel. 

  • DataViz for PowerBI App

    DataViz for PowerBI App

  • Internal survey results

    Internal survey results

    Illustrator, charts are functional, everything else is static infographics.