The name

DProArtM stands for - Daria Prokofeva* Art Management - me, myself, and I in all the variety of my skills and knowledge accumulated throughout multiple years of work in the visual design industry. It's a bit hard to define me within a single standard specialisation, so here is a brief summary of my main areas of expertise (mainly using, but not limited to): 

  • UI / UX (Adobe XD, Figma, HTML, CSS)
  • Data visualisations (Excel, PowerPoint, Power BI, Python, familiar with Tableau, IBM Cognos)
  • Visual design (Adobe Suite)

The skills

Sattelite skills & capabilities: Windows system administration and advanced use, PC structure and components understanding (can assemble my own workstation), basic Data Analysis (Excel, Python, R, PowerBI), print management (search for printing production base with an optimal quality/cost ratio for your order and arrangement of the production). 

    Professional strengths: 
    versatility, flexibility, tech-savviness, high speed of work, time-consciousness, reliability, extremely high attention to detail, and precise understanding of the clients'​ needs.

    My forte: aligned and neat layouts and graphics, originally drawn iconography, pretty and insightful charts, concise and succinct text, clean and logical interfaces, logical reasoning in defense of my own work.

    If you think I might be of help, please do get in touch via the contact form, or through my social media professional accounts linked atop. 


    * If you want to try to pronounce my 2nd name it's actually easy - Pro-Coffee-Eva - just say these words with no gaps the way they are familiar to you and it's 100% correct pronunciation.